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Q1. What makes your SEO Company different from others?
Ans. We first do the detailed research for our client of their current ranking and then provide a suggestion and changes on their website and then we intend to provide a particular month of the ranking of their website on Google. Our SEO Team Suggest a proper Solution for the website a perfect Package for Every Website.

Q2. Why do I need SEO service on my website?
Ans. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process in which we optimize a website in suh a way that it will get easily search by user. People often gets to more than 3 page on google after searching anything, Here SEO is beneficial for the website. We tend website to be on first 3 page on Google.

Q3. How long it takes to show the result?
Ans. Each and Every website is different and it takes different time to show the result. But, Normally it takes 3 to 6 month to show the result. SEO Company requires and takes a six month contract to show the result, and so do we.

Q4. Can you Guarantee that our website will be rank on top 5 pages?
Ans. There are some keywords that will be rank within few weeks but some keywords which will take upto several months, as that keyword is on demand and the searches is very high. If anyone is offering you guarantee on SEO ranking on every keyword than he or she must be lying to you or he must not be knowing the nature of SEO on Google.

Q5. Do you need FTP Access?
Ans. Yes, we need your FTP Access to upload the pages on a periodically basis. We will make sure everytime to keep you inform whenever we make changes or update anything.

Q6. Will you make changes on our website?
Ans. Yes, we will make changes but that will be very less and it would not effect your website design. Ex. Adding and substaction of content as per SEO Guidelines. As Mainly SEO Work is of behind the scene in the source code.

Q7. How long SEO will effect without any maintanance?
Ans. SEO is the best marketing strategy compare to others it gives you the genuine and organic visitor to several months if done once. Whereas the other marketinng strategy like PPC, it will stop giving you the visitor the moment you stop add.

Q8. Is there any chance that we can get current report of our website before thing to take your service?
Ans. Yes, Ofcourse we will do the detailed analysis and will provide you the Search Engine Ranking of your website. Contact us