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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management is the Online Reputation of a Company, Brand, etc. It is done to maintain a good and valuable reputation of a Company, Brand, Etc.

If you are in Online Business then it is really very important to understand the importance of ORM. As many People, Clients, Visitors, etc. searches internet for their needful things. As Online Brand is the first and foremost identity on your visitors so to maintain your online brand becomes the most important for your business.

Any Negative Image or a Negative Review about your company in SERP will harm your business and can put off your client against you and your company. So we will suggest you not to wait for any loss and start our ORM Campaign at instant.

ORM stands for online reputation management. Online reputation management is the practice of crafting plan that help in developing the public image of an individual, organization on the internet. With the help of online reputation management , a company can modify the effect of negative viral videos , post and comments on the internet . It can also help in creating proactive marketing(i-e researching and information ) for online use. Online reputation management can create large website projects to issue video, texts or other element to increase company’s goodwill on internet like facebook or twitter. ORM element include social media management because most user join the most popular social media platforms.

Online Reputation Management has its two types : Proactive and Reactive

Proactive ORM :
A Start up company or Business would get the most out of Proactive ORM. It will help to grow business rapidly. It will create a reputed online presence in SERP. With Proactive ORM Company can create brand in SERP.

Reactive ORM :
Company already has a brand name but they are having some bad review or a bad post about their services or products on 1st page in SERP.

How it works :

• One should check the first page of results for his\her company name and then one should make sure that he own a      mass of them.
• One should find high traffic article which has negative effects on his\her brand and then try to fix it.
• One should push negative comments down in the search engine result and pull positive comments up in the SERPs.
• One should find popular search terms and then build content to mark those searches.
• One should set up alerts for his\her company name and then solve any possible reputation damaging reviews and      then mention in the real time.

Just 3 words for our client : “NOT TO WORRY”

No Expert can delete any of the review from google but our ORM Expert knows how to get over with it. With the master plan of our ORM Specialist you would not be able to see even a single negative comment, review, etc. in SERP.

JUST RELAX and Say “When SAS Solution is here, have no fear”

How Aspositiveseo Help you to create your Online Reputation

1. Aspositiveseo will help you to create new and attractive review about your company.
2. We create a brand of your company in SERP.
3. We will also help you to move all the negative review from 1st page so that our new positive review would replace with all the negative review.
4. We will create online social networking platform for your company so that with every individual our brand name will increase day by day.