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Our Team

Suresh Gupta
Suresh Gupta is the Co-Founder & Field Sales Head of SAS Solution.
He is Very Maintained and Discipline kind of a Person when it comes to work.
His idea for success is to beleive on hardwork and Attentive to work.
He has an 5 Years of Working Experience in Marketing Field.
His idea of working is a 9 hour shift with no disturbance.
He holds a Bachelor Degree in Science Stream with Mumbai University.

Sandeep Rawat
Sandeep Rawat is the Airtel Head of SAS Solution.
Sandeep Rawat Plays a Vital Role in Business strategies for a new client.
He initiated to start the business with full of encouragement.
He showed a Leadership Quality and a quality of Experience. He has a strong
connection in variety of organization, create wide impact which helps business.
Sandeep Holds double Graduate Degree in Science and in IT Field.