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What is PPC?

The full form of PPC is pay per click .Pay per click is also known as coast per click. CPC mean advertiser pay a fees each time one of their advertisement is clicked. In PPC engine advertising is one of the popular.

Pay per click also known as cost per click . CPC mean advertiser pay to publisher when advertisement is clicked . In PPC magic byte is a best solution .If you want some information click PPC service in India . Key part of PPC is conversion tracking .We see that your company see keyword to click and see what happen after customer click on advertisement . We help you in this and also help you to purchase advertisement on search engine . PPC give you opportunity to pay position on search engines and appear on partner websites.

How will it help to generate more visitors?

Pay Per Click is one of the best marketing strategy to grow your business from the revenue point of view as well as from the branding point of view. It helps you to grow your business for each and every valuable click from visitor. PPC can be the most effective for your business as it shows an instant result. Our well trained PPC Manager will help you to target your valuable keywords at a right place. So, you will get your valuable customer just by the means of PPC.

If you are opting PPC as your marketing plan then simply have a seat on your chair and get the most out of it (get your valuable customer), No need to go for any other option.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research is the very first stage of PPC Marketing. Our well trained PPC Managers will suggest you the most perfect keywords for your business.

Ad Creation
This is nothing but adding the most favourable content or graphically designed image but in a proper manner, which will attract your visitor and let them to click on your Ads. Our PPC Managers are so proficient that they will make sure that every visitor’s at-least can view your ads, which is equally helpful for the branding of a business.

Landing Page Development and Maintenance
Landing Page is the very first page in our website, where visitors lands after clicking into ads. In fact we can say this page can decide whether visitor can change into our valuable customer or not. Landing Page is the page in our website which contains all the information about our products, services and OFFERS. It should be very attractive and interactive, which will force the visitor to get register into our website.

Account Management
Our PPC Managers are so well experienced that they know each and every setting by which the visitors will increase or decrease. It starts with Installation, Tracking and Testing.

Tracking Installation and Testing
We will Install and Track every visitor to your website. We will install one of the best traffic tracking tools in your website, which will track each and every visitors.

Benefit of PPC

1. PPC contribution to business goal: PPC can help to advertising to achieve high number of business and marketing goal.
2. PPC is measurable and track able: The important benefit of PPC is advertising through goggle address and it is very easy to measure and track .
3. PPC works well with other marketing channels: PPC is also work nicely with marketing channels .PPC and SEO is also work together.