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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely essential to us. We desire to create your occurrence on the Internet as pleasant and satisfying as possible, and we wish for you to use the Internet's huge range of information, tools, and opportunities with absolute assurance.

This website is operated by SAS Solution. We at SAS Solution are stanch with respect to your online privacy and be acquainted with your need for suitable security and management of any personally particular information you share with us.

We permit our users to access all the information within our site anytime.

Any Information Collected by SAS Solution is used

Any Information provided by yourself about you or your company received by Email, Whatsapp, Contact Form, etc. is used to reply to your suggestion or queries.

We do have our own databases generate by many of our directory sites, ads, etc.

SAS Solution sent our information to Email ids which are subscribed with us by the means of website, ads, or such communication. SAS Solution newsletters and SEO Articles sent to those subscribers, which are subscribed with us, expressing interest in SAS Solution SEO Articles.

Finally, we don’t use or share any information with any third party, as we believe to have a unique database and not to share any data with anyone.


Cookies are a data element which can be saved on your system and can be sent to your browser. Customized information can be provided by Cookie Technology, while visiting a web site. The Website Cookies does not store any Name, Emails, Address, Place, Credit card Numbers, contact No, etc. on your computer.

However, the website collects all the non identifiable information of our visitor to provide better customer service. As we check the visitors count, repeat visitor percentage, new visitor percentage time of visitor of the individual page and try to make that page more interesting as per visitors views. SAS Solution analyze all the different stats and views of customer and we try to make that page as user friendly.