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What is Web Development?

Web development service refer from websites for hosting via intranet or internet. Web development included web design, Web content development.

It governs code that makes websites ticks. Web development services have two categories i.e. front end and back end .Front end and client end of application code responsible for determining how websites will actually display the design mocked by designer. The back end and server side of application is responsible for managing data with base and serving that data to front display.

Types of WEB Development.

1. Front end developer: front end developer runs on web browser on computer with the use of site.
2. Backend developer: backend developer grown complex but it is not visible to user.
3. Full stack developer: full stack developer develop front end or back end. He or she create skills fully through web application.
4. Middle tier developer: There is someone who is not specialized in front end or back end but can development.
5. Web developer: Web developer is a software engineer who create website.

Step for web development services.

1. Requirement assessment: These assessment refer to find out website . Requirement assessment target audience, website goals etc.
2. Project summary: Project summary is a sum up website requirement.
3. Determining requirement resources: These planning stage also define software and other resources added budget of project.
4. Key performance goals: Key performance goals is also a website planning stage.

Our Website Solutions Includes:

* Analysis of a Business
* Graphic Designing
* Flash Designing
* Javascript
* Maintenance
* Hosting

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